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Associate members planning to upgrade are invited to undertake a sample online Practice Accreditation Test…
These questions are not included in the Accreditation Test but are similar in scope and layout to those in the test. The aim of this is to provide an opportunity for ACAA Associate members, who are eligible to undertake the Accreditation Test, to practice.

ACAA Members who provide the following:
•    Full name,
•    ACAA membership number,
•    email address and
•    complete the 20 questions for the first time are eligible to apply for 1CPD point.
Please allow for approximately 20 minutes to complete the list of questions to simulate test conditions.
Upon completion of the test by Clicking the "SUBMIT" button, the answers will be emailed to you in a PDF format.
Please use this link to access the questions...
In case of any questions in regard to the test contact Farah Madon secretary-nsw@access.asn.au