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ACAA would like to congratulate Michael Small on being awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study overseas researching best practice in the area of building access for people with disability. https://www.churchilltrust.com.au/news/2016-Churchill-Fellowship-Awardees-Announced/

Michael Small's Background

Michael has been very active involved in the development of the Premises Standards and access related changes to the BCA and over the past five years. He has also worked closely with designers, architects, builders and building approval authorities on their implementation.
For the Premises Standards to deliver their objectives, particularly in relation to upgrades or extensions to existing buildings. Michael’s experience has highlighted the need for a number of things:
1.    Building professionals, including designers, architects, access consultants, builders and certifiers, who have the knowledge and skills to apply access requirements
2.    Greater clarity and surety about the flexible application of access requirements with the use of Performance Solutions and the use of discretionary authority.
3.    A compliance promotion program with resources and examples of good practice approaches.
4.    Effective compliance monitoring mechanisms within the disability community and regulatory bodies.
5.    Efficient, timely and transparent appeals mechanisms to deal with exceptional situations and questions of unjustifiable hardship.

Fellowship Research

During Michael’s Fellowship, he will be going to a number of countries with similar building law and human rights framework to Australia to get a better understanding the following:
•    How they promote compliance using education, resources and technology to instil a deeper understanding of the importance of access for all of us
•    How the disability community works with building professionals and regulators to encourage and monitor compliance
•    How they support building professionals to confidently exercise professional judgment in relation to questions of performance, flexibility and discretion while ensuring robust decision making.
•    How appeal mechanisms work when compliant access arguably cannot be achieved.
Michael is hoping to travel to the US, Canada, Ireland and the UK in April and May next year.
Whilst Michael has many contacts in these countries. If you have any useful contact in these or other European countries, please let him know via this email link…
Michael anticipates there will be more consultation and negotiation in 2017 arising from the review of the Premises Standards and the information from his research will hopefully contribute to the discussion.

The following brief report on the accessibility of the main tourist destinations in Peru is based on our recent travels. Click to open the report on Main tourist destinations in Peru

The idea of providing such information came out of our travel experiences and is underpinned by our experience as access consultants and, also Michael’s experience as a travel agent.
The intent is to provide information on the destinations themselves as there appears to be a gap in the availability of this information.
We would appreciate any comments and feedback, so we can improve our reporting on other destinations. Please provide comments by emailing Howard & Michael accesstravelreview@yahoo.com
Howard & Michael Moutrie
Accessible Building Solutions

Associate members planning to upgrade are invited to undertake a sample online Practice Accreditation Test…
These questions are not included in the Accreditation Test but are similar in scope and layout to those in the test. The aim of this is to provide an opportunity for ACAA Associate members, who are eligible to undertake the Accreditation Test, to practice.

The universal design 2016 Conference report and some of the presentations are now available on this website link…

On 29 November 2016, the Senate referred the following matter to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee for inquiry and report:

The United Kingdom Construction Industry Council (CIC) on 10 March officially launched their ‘Essential Principles Guide’ for Built Environment Professionals on creating an accessible and inclusive.

The consultation draft of the Whole Journey Guide: A Guide for thinking beyond compliance to create accessible public transport journeys… (the Guide) is now available for comment with submissions due by 31 May 2017.

The Guide has been developed by the Australian Government in consultation with the National Accessible Public Transport Advisory Committee. Its development responds to the second review of the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002, which proposed an accessibility guidelines for the whole of journey approach to public transport as a planning tool.

The guide aims to encourage policy makers, planners, designers, builders, certifiers and operators to think beyond compliance and the physical and governance boundaries of services and infrastructure to focus instead on people’s accessibility needs for the whole entire journey.

The Guide is available in print & audio format, including how to make a submission from this link…

ACAA now has a LinkedIn Company page to help raise its profile within the professional social media platform.

You are invited to follow this page and to share more widely to colleagues and others who may be interested.

Following the Australian Government released on the Review of the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 (Premises Standards) Report and its Response to the Report on 3 March 2017, ACAA will be preparing a submission to lobby for the inclusion of Access Consultants in the process.

This article is to assist facility owners, managers and/or operators, who are seeking to engage a consultant to prepare a report on accessibility for a particular premises, in appreciating the range in depths of analysis possible.