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Accredited & Associate Members

Approved activities consist of a mixture of Structured Learning (Courses, Conferences and Seminars) and Unstructured Learning (reading Journals, attending Industry Meetings). Points awarded for these activities are listed below. Please go to our Events Calender to view current approved activities or go to our {modal http://access.businesscatalyst.com/accreditation_and_cpd/cpd_approved_activity_submission}submit an activity for approval page{/modal} to request new activities be included on the list.



Points Allocated

Max. Points

Per year

Activity A: Maintaining Competence in Basic Qualifications:

Activity A: Maintaining Competence in Basic Qualifications:
The importance of members maintaining competence in the basic qualification accepted as an appropriate qualification for consideration for admission as an accredited member of ACAA, is recognised. Points for CPD activities approved for CPD purposes by allied associations may be claimed for ACAA CPD purposes

Points for maintaining competence in one's primary professional qualification allied to access consulting may be claimed at half the rate awarded by ACAA for similar CPD activities in access consulting shown below. Codes shall be identified on the Activity Return by the addition of an "A" to the Activity Codes shown below, e.g. a one day seminar C2 would become AC2 and granted 5 points.



Activity B: Academic Courses

Courses of study which deliver the learning outcomes (competencies) required for reaccreditation and which carry exemptions under the Recognition of Prior Learning scheme associated with reaccreditation are deemed as approved. Members wishing to gain points for academic courses should submit the course details to, or obtain a list of approved courses from the Continuing Professional Development committee.



Approved Degree and Postgraduate level courses

40 per subject/module

successfully completed



Approved Diploma and Certificate level courses

40 per subject/module

successfully completed



Approved units of competencies delivered by an RTO for which a Certificate of Attainment is awarded 

10 per unit of competency successfully completed 



Approved courses delivered by an RTO for which a Certificate of Attendance is awarded

10 per day attended
5 per half day attended


All other activities below relate to developing and maintaining competency in access consulting 

Activity C: Structured Learning – Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Study Tours and the like 

ACAA organized events are deemed as approved. Activities organized by other organizations shall require approval by the Continuing Professional Development committee.



Annual ACAA Conference

30 for 3 days attendance



Approved conferences, seminars, workshops including structured workshops at State/Territory Access Consultants Network meetings

10 per day attended

5 per half day

1.5 point per hour session



Approved study tours (2 days or more)

5 per day



Other professional development activity approved from time to time

As determined by the

CPD committee


C5  Deemed competent by completing the Continuing Accredited or Accredited Membership Test  10 points 10

Activity D: Committee Work
Representation, by appointment, on government and industry committees or working parties concerned with technical or professional matters relating to access is deemed as approved. Voluntary Committee work is also approved for access committees (Code D2).



National & State Government, Local Government and Industry (Standards Australia) committees by appointment

National: 8/day meeting
State: 8/day meeting
Local: 8/day meeting
(50% rate for 2-4 hr meeting attendance)



Voluntary Access committees includes State/Territory Access Consultants Network meeting (membership by application or self-appointed)

 1 per meeting (1-2 hour)
(Unless CPD activity and activities C applies)



Activity E: Professional and Technical Activities
Members applying for points for lecturing or publication of papers should submit an outline to the Continuing Professional Development committee for approval.



Preparation and presentation of publications, lectures and papers on approved access related topics.

5 per paper
5 per lecture up to 2 hrs
5 per publication (1000 words minimum. Longer publications maybe granted additional points by the CPD committee)



Private mentoring and supervision of developing access skills (details required to substantiate activities)
1 per two hour period



Activity F: Unstructured Learning
Members should submit details to CPD Committee for approval.



Attendance at approved technical presentations and trade shows includes technical presentations to State/Territory Access Consultants Network meetings

1 point per attendance (up to 2 hrs)



Membership of an approved Professional Association (including journals)
1 per membership



Subscription to approved trade or professional publications where there is no membership component

1 per publication



Contribution to ACAA web site discussion on technical issues (excluding general non-technical information)

1 per item containing substantive content



Other learning and research 
1 per 2 hour period1 per 2 hour period


Last updated 4.04.2013