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ACAA encourages representation on Committees where the interests of ACAA can be promoted or where it believes ACAA can make a positive contribution to improving access to the built environment.

Members can suggest ACAA be represented on Committees. ACAA can be invited to be represented or the Management Committee can actively pursue representation on Committees.

The Management Committee will determine if ACAA will be represented on any Committee and any terms associated with representation.

Selection of Representative:

  1. For new committees, the Committee of Management can decide to call for nominations from appropriate members. In some instances this may be all members or in other instances, particularly for committees of a technical nature, from accredited members only. The final decision is made by the Management Committee. If no nominations are received, the Management Committee can take steps as necessary to find a nominee.
  2. For ACAA members on existing committees, provided they remain a financial accredited member, at the time of committee renewal, or vacancy must advise the Management Committee to be invited to continue or seek a replacement. If they decide not to continue, the process in a) above is to be followed; OR
  3. The Committee of Management can decide to call for nominations from appropriate members.

The term of representation to be two years or the life of the Committee whichever is less. The two year term commences at AGM's. At each end of term the Management Committee to resolve if they will extend the invitation to continue or invite new nominations.

The representative is required to:

Seek the views and advice of the ACAA Committee of Management in relation to input on behalf of ACAA on the specific committee prior to any formal vote, or policy decision.

  1. Provide a brief written report to the Management Committee after each meeting for inclusion in ACAA Airwaves Newsletter to members.
  2. Provide a report for the Annual Report.

Appointment of Representatives on Committees and Terms of Reference